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Stanley type refurbished planes

I went through a period of refurbishing Stanley type handplanes and related tools, which I then sold on the local Ebay equivalent in NZ. Obviously there was a need to achieve maximum results in as short a time as possible since one can't hope to sell these tools for much. However the process was enjoyably instructive and even resulted in meeting new friends and making sales of my own handplanes to Australia.

Briefly the process involved a paint strip, surface grind all over (fastest way to clean sole and sides up and get everything straight and square). New wood would replace the old, lost motion reduced as much as possible, blade properly prepared, frog properly seated and then all re-painted using whatever colours I fancied at the time. No attempt was made to "re Japan" or "restore to original " or "preserve the patina" since none of these handplanes and tools were of collector value: the main objective was to get them into proper working order (ie better than new) and to improve their appearance. Possibly I might have gone overboard with the appearance, but there you are...