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Frequently asked questions and answers

1) Which one of your hand planes should I get first? I advise experienced woodworkers who make solid wood furniture and do woodwork on a large scale to get the J20A, because it is like a jack plane (number 5&1/2 size) but even more versatile, and is also a superb smoother. I advise beginners to start with the S20A which is easy to use and very versatile.

2) Which steels are best for hand plane blades? O1, A2, D2 and M2 are all suitable for hand plane blades but certain pros and cons may be noticed as one progresses from the common high carbon steel such as O1 through to M2. They are all excellent for wood working purposes. The most critical factor is correct heat treatment and no steel will perform well if this is not done properly - that is why I send all blades I make to a professional heat treatment company that has the right equipment to do the job, measure the results and certify them if requested.

3) How can I pay? I do not have facilities to process credit cards. I prefer to be paid via wire transfer of funds - this is reliable, traceable and the fees are not punitive. If other methods are proposed I need to discuss them first.

4) What choice of blade steel is there for Marcou planes? I use O1 steel for all my planes as standard . The M12, S45, S50A and S55A can be fitted with D2 steel blades. The S15A, S20A, J15A and J20A have the added advantage of being able to use Veritas A2 steel blades.

5) Will you use timber I supply? Yes! (Let me know which timber before sending it).

6) How long does it take to make my plane? You should allow a nominal 4 weeks from the time I notify you that I have started work on your hand plane, and a further five to ten days from the date on which I inform you that the plane has been dispatched.

7) How do you ship these hand planes? I ship via New Zealand economy courier post. This is insured and very reliable to date. It has track and trace format. I bear the cost of shipping so you don't need to worry about "extra" charges. The planes are packed in purpose made polystyrene boxes which are also enclosed in NZ postal card board boxes. All hand planes are coated with an easily removable protective oil of my choosing.

8) Do you accept down payments? I do accept down payments of up to 50 % of the price to confirm an order. A down payment will get you a "place in the line".

9) Can I use my existing sharpening facilities for D2 steel? Yes - there is no unusual difficulty in sharpening or honing this steel. Remember: although I make the blade it is still heat treated by a long established professional heat treatment company that applies appropriate heat treatment to each type of steel. The blade will not be too hard .....